How to Reuse, Recycle, and Reinvent Leftover Wedding Supplies and Decorations

You planned and planned and planned for your big wedding day! You made sure everything was perfect and that you had plenty of every supply. Now your wedding is over and you’re stuck with all these leftover wedding supplies. What are you supposed to do with all this wedding stuff? Don’t panic. Leftover wedding supplies can be put to good use and don’t have to end up cluttering your basement. Here are some tips and ideas for how to utilize leftover wedding supplies.

Wedding Invitations. Most brides end up with at least a few leftover invitations. Keep at least one for a keepsake box and you may consider framing another. Check with friends and family to make sure they do not want a clean copy. Once you have done that, put those leftover wedding invitations to work. Cut them into small rectangles to be used for jotting down notes or phone messages. Use the backs as a great cardstock for scrapbooking. Or just visit the local Paper Retriever box and donate them as a recyclable paper for an organization you want to support.

Wedding Favors. How you reuse or recycle your wedding favors depends on what type of favors you gave out. If you gave out birdseed or plant seeds, consider donating the supplies to a local nursing home, local 4-H club, or other organization that may be able to put these supplies to good use. If you had small bottles of bubbles at your wedding, they can be reused just about as is. Take some acrylic paint and add some bright colored polka dots to the bottles and tie a brightly colored ribbon around them so that they no longer look like wedding bubbles. Then use them as a great Easter basket stuffer or party favor for a child’s birthday party. If you used small jingle bells for your wedding favors, you can recycle those by making unique Christmas gift tags out of them at Christmas time.

Wedding Table Decorations. If you purchase multiple table decorations such as glass candle holders, bowls, etc, you may be stuck with a lot of items to store. You may be able to use some of the items for home décor, or for decorating for other parties such as bridal and baby showers. Don’t keep items you won’t use, however. Put your items up on Craigslist and sell them as a wedding set. Many people look high and low for great deals on wedding decorations and most newly married couples could use the extra money.

Wedding Paper Products. Paper products such as printed napkins, plates, etc can be reused as is. It takes some time getting settled once you transition to married life, so give the dishwasher and kitchen sink a break a few nights and just use up the leftover paper products. Keep one a two as keepsakes and always check with family members to make sure they don’t want any as well.

Wedding Flowers. If you used silk flowers for any of your wedding arrangements, you will have to figure out something to do with them now that the wedding is over. You may be able to use some as home décor. After that, however, consider donating them. Nursing home residents would be thrilled to get a lovely bouquet. Homemaker clubs, Girl Scouts, art classrooms at local schools, and other organizations may be able to use the flowers for various projects. Check around and find someone who is able to use them.

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Don’t store extra wedding decorations that you’ll never use again! Use these tips to reuse and recycle your wedding decoration leftovers.