Using digital photos to personalize items is becoming very common, from coffee mugs to purses and just about everything in between, including wedding invitations. Wedding invitations are a unique statement about the bride and groom and brides spend countless hours choosing their wedding invitations. By using a digital photograph as part of the wedding invitation, you can customize your invitation to express your specific style and personality.
If you appreciate artistic expression, consider using a digital photo to create a custom pencil drawing to use on your wedding invitation. This is a beautiful addition to a classic wedding invitation in black and white. You can use a very formal pose for extremely formal initiations or possible a relaxed pose in a swing for more informal wedding invitations. Either way, a pencil drawing from a digital photo will create a unique wedding invitation.

You do not need to limit yourself to one digital photo for your wedding invitation. Consider using four related photographs to create a collage for the invitation. Take digital photos at a park, by the river or on a front porch in several poses with at least one pose at a distance. Use the picture of the two of you at a distance as the largest picture and surround it with the up-close pictures (these should be about 1/3 the size of your larger picture). This makes a beautiful wedding invitation and can be either formal (pictures at a large plantation home) or informal (pictures taken at a carousel ride).

Using pictures of both the bride and groom as children and now as a couple are becoming popular for wedding invitations. Using a tri-fold wedding invitation, place digital photos of the bride and groom as children on the front of the wedding invitation with the word “then”. On the second opening, use a digital photo of the couple as they are today with the word “now”. Opening the invitation fully would show “and forever” as the beginning of the invitation to the wedding. I suggested to a friend that she use black and white digital photos for the “then” photos as they were as children and then color for the “now” digital photos. She used a color from her wedding as the background for the black and white photos and a black background for the color “now” photo giving the invitation great contrast.

For couples that want to personalize their wedding invitations with a digital photo but may not want to use a full picture of themselves, they may want to consider a digital photo of their hands together with their wedding rings on. This is a classic picture that many photographers take after the wedding for the wedding album but there is no reason why this is not suitable on the wedding invitation. It still personalizes the wedding invitation with a digital photo of the couple even though you see only their hands. For a wedding near the coast, the couple may want to make a heart in the sand with seashells and take a picture of their feet together beside the shells as the waves come onto the beach. This is a very cute idea for an outdoor wedding invitation. You can use a full pose digital photo with this or just have the feet and hands photos.

I saw this on a wedding invitation recently and thought it was the greatest invitation I have seen in a very long time. The couple rented a convertible and placed a “Just Married” sign on the back with ribbons and tin cans (the entire package). They dressed up and had friends take digital photos of them as they “drove away” looking back and waving. They used the best digital photo for the front of their wedding invitations.